Welcome To Angeles City Pigeon Racing Organization

13 12 2010

This site is dedicated to growing the pigeon sport racing here in the Valley of Angeles City Philippines where (ACPRO) Angeles City Pigeon Racing Organization was established.  This sport has reached millions worldwide passionately, but there are still enable common place as our outdoor evening American baseball.  For centuries people have been fascinated with the ions in the ability to navigate around.  Throughout the ages, have been selectively captive bred animals simply cannot escape consistently back to their home, but to do so from distances over 500 miles.  These amazing creatures and earned a spot in their hearts and minds of our forever.  We want to make a live awake that sports is also in the area we want more people to join us now! (ACPRO) Angeles City Pigeon Racing Organization

By: Mhike Yabut


The first lesson to learn

13 12 2010

The first lesson that one must learn this game is how to be a good loser.  Friendship that creates from the common passion for racing pigeons must be stronger than the need to win.  Of course we all want to win, be consistent flying top percentage but if we hold our heads high, be approved for our competitors as they have their moments of brilliance and not to say that you really love doves as winning.

There is a saying that to us, “one day, the next day you’re champ stupid.”  Every time we win the us feel so good, acting like a child six with candy bar.  We had to hurry home and watch our winner, so proud of all the hard work that brought this to our loft triumph.  And then — next week you 15 minutes behind the leader and knocked the wind out of the sail.  Well, racing pigeons is about the beauty of this little bird.  When I sit in the garden, even if I know I’m late for one of my friends called me and told me they got one, I kid with candy bar when my first bird comes home from the race.  My heart races and I look my wife often say, “how long did we lose?!”  She is smiling, laughing. An hour later she asks, “are all still House?,” I reply, “Yes!” she says, ‘ Oh good! ”  And for the home Club you can calculate the speeds of Gen. day.

The long toss before the race season

13 12 2010

My cell phone alarm, disturbed me in: 00 4: 00 on Sunday, 12 December.  Can I pull myself out of bed to start today.  Once I get dressed to prep a feed birds, water, I head up coops to crate until a team of young bird.  Now they go for grew out of training in Bucae Bulacan, PH, which air from 100km to my loft.

After crating the birds up, I feed all sections with freshwater with vitamins and electrolytes.  Do — birds ready to continue, just humans to feed the dogs and we on the road.  I leave Sta. Cruz Porac Pampanga at 5: 15 am.  We travel all the way to our destination with traffic.  You can play the birds hill top in McDonald ‘s.  You can set all the crates in when I arrive. Then switch to use the services, the order of the Egg McMuffin and then return to my truck, where Proton, my daughter 3 year old pup is expecting this campaign riding or shotgun microphones.  The birds are released at 7: 30, poof! They disappeared! I go back into the truck, head of the House.

I got home: 30 9 am sharp. I run to the clock time their ions read and birds hit me by 30 minutes.  That gives them at 1351ypm (meters per kilometer), which is equal to an average of 46 mph.  I am on top off their drinkers and work for the day.  They are ready now for the first race outside of Manila International Airport, December 14, 2010, from which I fly miles 113.

This is the time of the year we all really excited about season feather heads beforehand and has high hopes of having a great year.

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